Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blowing My Cover: USA TODAY Spot

It's no secret I'm a big fan of the Bike To Work Day message. I usually take the day off and ride to the Bethesda pit stop with my daughter. This BTWD was no different except for one small detail. I had Mia Shimabuku of USA TODAY show up at my house at 6:30 am to film my morning process for a spot they were doing on the lifestyle of bike commuting.

I like that this piece focuses on the positive effects bike commuting has on your lifestyle and not just about how much everyone else sucks.

I am impressed with the editing of this piece. Mia had what seemed like an hour of footage of me blathering like an idiot and yelling to my daughter to stay out of traffic.

Worried that I wasn't giving Mia anything useful I hooked her up with Jo Doyle, a car free cyclist also in Silver Spring who I had met the previous week. Being car free in Silver Spring seemed like something in need of national recognition to me.

To me the real highlight of the piece is my daughter's unquestionable high-five and fist bumping abilities. Let there be no doubt of her mastery of these two vital skill sets.

Lastly, I'm very proud that I got my LHT (yeah you know me) it's 15 seconds. Give it up Surly people.

A quick thanks to everyone who posted this video.
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gwadzilla said...



and yes...


my dad was a bicycle commuter when I was a child
so... as a kid the bicycle became a part of my life

hopefully I can pass that down to my kids

pacneil@linuxgeek.net said...

What a cool piece! And your daughter is fist bump and high-five expert. High Five!

Lee Trampleasure said...

My step-daughter doesn't bike, but my five year old granddaughter loves to ride on her trail-a-bike behind me. It may skip a generation, and I can't condemn a single mom for not biking in these days and times--walk a mile in her shoes first--but when my granddaughter is older and riding her own bike, the two of them may start riding together.

Freewheel said...

Great piece! You and Jo did a nice job of articulating why bikes are a good transportation option.

BTW, I had a bobike carrier like yours when my kids were smaller. They loved riding around in it and I loved having them up front where I could see their expressions and hear them chatter.

Cycle Jerk said...

Thanks! The seat I have is the Ibert and my little girl loves it. She sees the wildlife before i do. A nice alternative to staring at my ass I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

My family also lives in a biking community and LOVE it! : ) We have the ibert for our 2 year old too! : ) SHE loves it! : )

(KS, Davis, CA)

Rat Trap Press said...

Really Cool! I love to see parents out riding with their kids.

Mark Zawodny said...

Hey I know that guy!

Taylor's Folding Bike said...

That's a great video. Especially the baby fist bump. I use my bike to bike to work almost every day, and I've loved it. It's definitely a way of life as well as a sport. I ride the Montague Boston (http://www.montaguebikes.com/boston-folding-single-speed-bike.html) single-speed/fixed gear around town to get to work and class and am going to be riding their FIT (http://www.montaguebikes.com/fit-folding-bike.html) to ride 270 miles at the end of July for the Tri State Trek for Lou Gehrig's Disease (http://www.tristatetrek.com/) so I have definitely come to appreciate both aspects of cycling.
Great post! Keep it up!

john b said...

I hate me some flash....

GreenComotion said...

cool! be safe and keep up the great work!!
peace :)

Dottie said...

A 34 year old and a 2 year old having just as much fun with the same activity - I love it! Great piece. The baby fist bumping was definitely the highlight.

Jen said...

I cannot get this video to play, and it's making me SAD! But big kudos to you, Mr. Famous!

Cycle Jerk said...

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback.

Jen - We here at Cycle Jerk Industries hold ourselves to a higher standard of blogging. I regret any "sadness" this may have caused you. I assure you the problem has been resolved and you can expect a full refund of "happiness" within 30 to 60 days.

Michael Green said...

Nice work Jim. Add me to your list of blogs posting the video and on your blogroll too.

Michael Green