Friday, June 18, 2010

USA vs. Slovenia: As Seen From Ireland

Having missed the first USA world cup match due to an unfortunately scheduled unbelievably cool social event I made sure my calendar was cleared for this morning's USA vs. Slovenia match. McGinty's in Silver Spring was holding a fundraiser breakfast to benefit Catholic University's men's soccer team.

I was running a little late but I made it to McGinty's, locked up my bike and ordered breakfast just before game time. It was 10am and I was ready to dig into my Irish breakfast.

For the first half of the game USA looked like crap. Slovenia scored twice and the mood in the bar was low.

The second half was dominated by the USA who managed to equalize with enough time to win it. Here is a video I shot of what should have been the game winning 3rd. Note the mood change as the ref makes a ridiculous off sides call. 

Slightly pissed and full of calories, I stepped out into the sunlight and made my way to my LHT (yeah you know me) only to find that in my haste to make it to the game on time I did this.

A tie game that should have been a win is aggravating, but a bike to ride that should have been stolen makes everything better.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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