Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Send In The Clowns!

For those of you who think that it's ok to drive or park in bike lanes watch your back. Roving bands of renegade clown bikers hell bent on, that's right...  SAFETY! This group of screwballs, God bless em' are rolling around NYC pestering those who show any oposition (passive or agressive) to newly installed bike lanes.

(Judy Ross)

They should go back to the circus and grab an elephant to assist in bike lane vehicle removal. Having an elephant push your car out of the bike lane would be a lesson you would only have to learn once.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Puzzler

It's like a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum pressed into an enigma then batter fried into a sudoku after a game of hangman and given to Matthew Lesko to pass along.

What did this sticker say that was so horrible?

Please post your answer.

As for the movie review underneath it, I would go see it in a second if that top line read "Killed Me With Unadulterated Joy!" but I doubt any movie reviewer could be that creative.

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Crap Fest

After bike commuting for the last few years I have come to the conclusion that DC winters are not nearly cold enough. This realization usually rears its head during a phenomenon I dub “The December Crap Fest”. No it’s not an anti-consumerism holiday thing (although that would work too), it’s about the weather, the crappy crappy slushy slop weather.

In December things start to get cold and a young man's fancy turns to snow. Unfortunately for you young men and women who bike commute, its an annoying limbo where no matter what you wear you are going to be burning hot or freezing at some point riding to or from work. If it would just get 10 degrees colder I could wear some cold weather stuff and be comfy. It seems I will have to wait for January and hope.

I know I am complaining like a big sissy boy wuss bag but just look at this week’s outlook…

image stolen and photoshoped from nbc4

Really I am grateful for the opportunity to ride my bike every day of the week no matter what crap is flung at me. I will be looking forward to some fender deep snow to play in.

It looks like the crap fest is not a local phenomenon. Just ask Jill up in Alaska.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Slacking And Riding

So I have been slacking this week (and last) in the blog department. A heavy workload and all the new responsibilities of new fatherdom have taken a toll on the "do whatever I want" portion of the day. Which is usually filled with thinking and bloging about the how kick ass bikes are. 

That said much about my last post is the same as todays. I am going to crush Rosaryville this weekend again. This trail (cut by WABA I believe) is a very fast non technical single track loop that spans about 10 miles. Lots of slaloms, burms, pumps and good drainage make is a pretty sweet ride no matter the temperature.  I guess the only difference between last weeks ride and this one is this week I will have this in my head...

That being in my head for an entire ride will make beer drinking a moral imperative. I already have my heart set on Bells Two Hearted Ale. If you haven't tried Bells go buy some and drink it.

This concludes the "do whatever I want" portion of the week.

Have a ridiculously good weekend...

Friday at lunch I got a flu chot which made fel like crap all weekend, thus ending my ride before it began. I should change the title of this post to just "Slacking".