Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Puzzler

It's like a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum pressed into an enigma then batter fried into a sudoku after a game of hangman and given to Matthew Lesko to pass along.

What did this sticker say that was so horrible?

Please post your answer.

As for the movie review underneath it, I would go see it in a second if that top line read "Killed Me With Unadulterated Joy!" but I doubt any movie reviewer could be that creative.

Happy Thursday


Anonymous said...


honk if you love sexy jesus

Cycle Jerk said...

Lincoln said he would destroy all of his enemies by making friends out of them.

Likewise "M" finds the quickest way to destroy a Thursday Puzzler is to answer it corectly.

I have learned many things today. The first is always google before hand.

lacochran said...

I go with M's answer.

And Mathew Lesko is hawt. It's the question marks. Will he?? Or won't he???

Unknown said...

i think it should have said "honk if your honor roll student was beat up by sexy jesus." cuz you can't fuck wid da jesus.

Freewheel said...

It would be blasphemous not to honk.

Anonymous said...

Did this movie ever hit theatres? I was looking forward to it.