Thursday, July 14, 2011

PSA: A Few Puffs Of Weed A Day

Remember kids a few puffs of weed a day will take the edge off, but if something really bad happens you'll still freak out. That's why I always opt for a few more.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bike Commuting Can Be Dangerous

Statistically your pretty safe biking to work on roads heavily traveled by automobiles but that doesn't mean things can't go wrong. See the video below of a perfect example of how a group of fellow cyclist, biking to work, were taken out by an driver no doubt engaged in various types of electronic communications.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Father, Bad Elite Cyclist

Easton rims, full dura ace, look carbon fork... ibert child seat? With the LHT still in disorder I was faced with the burning question from my little girl, "Daddy, can we go for a bike ride in my seat?" I've always thought of my road bike as a sacred thing that I would only attach light fast things to, however one look from my daughter and I my philosophy went out the window. This is a bike and my little girl wants to go for a ride on a bike. I'll draw the line at tassels... if she wants them she'll have to find some in celeste.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What's A Bike Commuter Without A Commute?

I don't have the strongest resolve. If you saw my will power walking down the street you would probably be tempted to call it a sissy and break it's glasses. People make the mistake thinking that I am a pretty structured individual because I bike to work every day all year round. This daily structure comes pretty easy to me when the alternative is riding the bus which makes me motion sick.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE bike commuting, and I absolutely hate driving a car or riding a bus to work, that said I often would wonder if I would bike twice a day every day if I didn't need to. What would happen If I didn't have a commute at all? Would I still bike as much? Would I bike more?

That question was answered over the last month or so as I have been working from home every day.  Aside from the occasional bike ride with my daughter, the bikes were parked. I did jog a few times which I'm finding out can be pretty fun as well as a good way to offset bone density loss often attributed with cycling (or so "they" say).

So I didn't have a commute and I didn't bike every day. I just didn't think about it much, which is awful. Soon I will return to the office but only for 3 days a week. For the other two I am going to give myself a ride schedule that demands I do certain rides on those days I work from home. What makes me think that a ride schedule can demand anything you ask? The gut that is forming holds a lot of weight (punny) and has started making the exercise demands... and I am listening.

I am looking forward to these new rides as they will be purely recreational and will have no destination. You know, just bike rides. Being a father of a three year old and one more on the way has made the recreational ride a distant thought as of late.