Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, You Magnificent Bastard

I installed one of these puppies in the basement to alleviate the stress my wife is under by constantly being surrounded by bikes. It seams everywhere she goes in the house there is at least one bike. Where I am bolstered by this, the "problem" confounds and intimidates her. A few years back we purchased a similar system to organize some of her more intimidating objects and I was pacified, so this should do the trick for sure.

Now that thats taken care of I can focus on more important matters of the day, such as the guy I saw "ridding" on Beach Drive yesterday on one of these.

Unfortunately I was going too fast to get a good photo. At first I thought he had a technical and was push with one leg to get home. The I realized he was doing this on purpose and started to laugh. However, I now believe that this guy represents the next wave of cycling purification. This is the ultimate single speed. By removing the drive train and seat all together he has purified the sport of cycling more than any fixie hipster could dream of. Keep on the look out for bike messengers with one giant leg, chaining one of these the a parking meter.

And if we are talking about the wave of cycling purification after that, look no further.

It even has "Hipster" in the name! The future is bright my friends...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Sedona

Back from a stellar week in Sedona Arizona. A town full of incredible geologic formations, red dirt, kick ass mountain biking trails and a bunch of people like this, and this. I managed to break away from the daily spiritual enemas and the naked chakra braiding to have a little ride. I hopped over to the local bike shop and rented a Turner Flux and headed for the Templeton trail.

Having cracked the screen on my previous camera it has become a permanent resident of my camelback and can still take a pretty good pic.

The Turner handled well and was light enough, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eatin' crackers. However, at the mid point of my out and back ride the chain snapped. Maybe the chain was too short, or maybe it was caught in a micro vortex of negative energy, this is another of life's great riddles which I am not meant to solve. Happily, another permanent resident of my camelback is a Park Chain Tool and a variety of extra chain links. A quick chain fix saved me from an afternoon of walking and dehydration.

Crisis Averted

There were a few sections there where I had to do some walking, I ain't too proud. Fast and flowing with lots of berms and jumps to get the heart pumping and a technical made this one of my better rides.

kick ass switchbacks!

Having been to Moab a few times I'm familiar with southwest riding but there is something pretty unique about Sedona. Maybe it's the laid back atmosphere, or the abundance of wildlife, or the positive attitude towards all things recreational, the bright green junipers against the deep red rocks, or perhaps it was the Ion Charging High Colonic Spiritual Irrigation Colon Cleansing Chrystal Energy Puffs I had for breakfast that morning. Another riddle left unsolved.

Friday, April 4, 2008

More Things Bacon

Every once and a great while an individual comes along that redefines zeitgeist, a true mench that pushes the spirit of innovation forward and thus we all benefit as a society. Today that individual is MATTY SALLIN. Ole Matty boy isn't taking life lying down, but when he has to, it's to the sweet smell of fresh cooked bacon. Matty came up with an alarm clock that will wake you up to that most lubricious of odors... sizzling bacon. Everybody now... "MMM BAAAAACON". With the Wake n' Bacon alarm clock and shot of Bacon Vodka in the AM there is nothing I can't accomplish. Thanks to Mary for the hook. Happy Friday Everybody!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cold 1, Bike 0

The last two weeks have been quite the physics experiment. I have been trying to prove that snot, nostrils, and mustache hair can indeed occupy the same space at the same time. Ockham's Razor be damned. That's right, twice in the last 5 weeks I have had my ass handed to me by whatever bug happened to be floating by. This past bug took me off the bike for 2 weeks now and i have come to a realization. Cars truly suck, especially when you are inside one. And to rub salt in my wounds during this unscheduled bike break I had to shell out $1200 in car repairs. Thats 600ft of Deda "Pink Panther" Bar Tape or, 48 Yellow Checkered Top Tube Pads, or 16.7 gallons of Chamois Butter or, 1.2 Personal Altitude Training Simulators, but I shouldn't dwell on the negative. Spring has sprung! All the people too scared of the cold have come out of hibernation to clog up the local roads and trails. To all those sleepy eyed strangers I bid you a heart felt welcome back. As for me, the cold is gone, the bikes are in tune, and I am ready to be humbled by the slightest incline.