Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cold 1, Bike 0

The last two weeks have been quite the physics experiment. I have been trying to prove that snot, nostrils, and mustache hair can indeed occupy the same space at the same time. Ockham's Razor be damned. That's right, twice in the last 5 weeks I have had my ass handed to me by whatever bug happened to be floating by. This past bug took me off the bike for 2 weeks now and i have come to a realization. Cars truly suck, especially when you are inside one. And to rub salt in my wounds during this unscheduled bike break I had to shell out $1200 in car repairs. Thats 600ft of Deda "Pink Panther" Bar Tape or, 48 Yellow Checkered Top Tube Pads, or 16.7 gallons of Chamois Butter or, 1.2 Personal Altitude Training Simulators, but I shouldn't dwell on the negative. Spring has sprung! All the people too scared of the cold have come out of hibernation to clog up the local roads and trails. To all those sleepy eyed strangers I bid you a heart felt welcome back. As for me, the cold is gone, the bikes are in tune, and I am ready to be humbled by the slightest incline.

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Anonymous said...

This is a problem associated with population density. Rhinoviri, carbon monoxide inhalation, and liberal politics are all side effects of a population density that is unhealthily high.