Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank You Sprocket Man!

My daughter just attended a safety demonstration put on by Montgomery County. I have to give the county props, they sent a ladder truck and an ambulance to show off to six little girls. Way to go big MC. As fun as it was for the girls I think the real gem hear is the 1975 safety comic classic "Sprocket Man" she brought home. A comic book hero hell bent on bike safety education. What government warehouse has this been hiding in all my life?

Let's break this down:

  • He rides a bitchin 10 speed. (steel)
  • Head to toe spandex and an unvented helmet which means he too bad ass to worry about overheating
  • His weapon of choice (besides awesomely delivered bike safety fundamentals) is a giant cassette he keeps on his wrist (varies from 4 to 5 speed).
Please take a moment to consider the implied gore and carnage of the following scene. KA-BLOOM indeed. The woman has clearly been chopped in half and Gene Simmons in the wife beater is loosing that leg and probably some intestines for sure.

Main take away: The 70's were awesome and no time to be a bike thief.