Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, You Magnificent Bastard

I installed one of these puppies in the basement to alleviate the stress my wife is under by constantly being surrounded by bikes. It seams everywhere she goes in the house there is at least one bike. Where I am bolstered by this, the "problem" confounds and intimidates her. A few years back we purchased a similar system to organize some of her more intimidating objects and I was pacified, so this should do the trick for sure.

Now that thats taken care of I can focus on more important matters of the day, such as the guy I saw "ridding" on Beach Drive yesterday on one of these.

Unfortunately I was going too fast to get a good photo. At first I thought he had a technical and was push with one leg to get home. The I realized he was doing this on purpose and started to laugh. However, I now believe that this guy represents the next wave of cycling purification. This is the ultimate single speed. By removing the drive train and seat all together he has purified the sport of cycling more than any fixie hipster could dream of. Keep on the look out for bike messengers with one giant leg, chaining one of these the a parking meter.

And if we are talking about the wave of cycling purification after that, look no further.

It even has "Hipster" in the name! The future is bright my friends...

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