Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Bouillabaisse

Blog post Bouillabaisse! When I see something cool that I think might be blog worthy I drop the link in a folder fro safe keeping or until I have nothing to say then need to post about something. for some reason I just need to post sometimes. So here are a few items and thoughts that I have been sitting on over the past week. 

I'll start with a piece of gear I thought was worth passing on. The BrentBasket by Faris Elmasu. At first glance it looks like another piece of Swedish mod garbage but then I saw how well it held a six pack. It seems pretty versatile and stylish, but those are two things that probably don't add up to longevity, but who knows.

Speaking of beer, I was at The Royal Mile in Wheaton on Saturday to watch soccer when I happened upon Loose Cannon. A hoppy beer with hoppy flavor what has a hoppy finish that leaves you feeling hoppy, but not too hoppy. Seriously though, this beer tastes great and has a citrusy herby flavor going that is quite good. 
"wonderfully  drinkable" indeed

Next up is Camp Bacon. I read about this in USA TODAY and was stunned...  and hungry.

Camp Bacon is located in Ann Arbor Michigan and boasts tons of bacon related activities and games for today's bacon lover, and yes, there's a video.

Thinking about camp always takes me back to those warm summer days, not a care in the world, sitting in my house watching Meatballs over and over again. Ah...  the good ole days.

Just to make this blog bouillabaisse complete, here's a video that I can't stop watching.

via stevil

mmm... that's does smell good.

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