Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mount Pleasant Swap Meet: Who Does Runs Bartertown?

This little guy does.

Yesterday I was stumbling through the bike section on craigslist and I found a post with the image above, a link, and a question...   "Who runs Bartertown?"

Now it's common knowledge that two men enter and one man leaves but I can't really say who's running the show over in Bartertown. I guess I'm going to have to show up this Saturday from 2pm-5pm at Lamont Park in Mt. Pleasant to find out. "Ben" has proposed a bike swap meet over there, maybe there will be something good, maybe I'll bring something good.

Last bike swap of the summer. Sorry for the short notice. The bike elves have been very busy, but they are eager to enjoy the summer weather and want one last chance to get great deals on parts, frames, gear.
Saturday the 19th of June, 2pm-5pm. Lamont Park, Mt. Pleasant DC.
Everyone bring something to swap, keep prices low, clear out your closets of things you aren't using and bring them down for people who might.
Thus far:
29" single speed mountain bike
Gold Modolo Speedy's Brakes and levers.
Crow bars x2
"Hold Fast" Toe Clip Straps.
Cross laced track wheels
Campgnolo 170mm track cranks
two IRO track bikes white, 53cm
Full campy gruppo, 1977
Specialized Rockhopper, cherry red, 20" great condition, with slicks this would be an ideal city ride or foundation for touring or tow bike.
Trek 970, black, 20" Same as above. Though this one has a rigid fork. Deore XT
Bianchi Track bike, 1986, Chromed lugs, damaged frame
Leather saddles, various manufacturers and conditions.
Track hubs, racing hubs,
Campy track hubs, Sew-up wheels, 1976
Level Hub/velocity rim, front wheel.
White replacement forks. threadless, road/track, drilled.
Several fixer upper project bikes, mountain, road, etc.

Send me your list of wares to be included here.

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