Monday, June 28, 2010

Silver Spring Farmer's Market: All Grown Up

Saturday the family went to the Silver Spring farmer's market to pick up some local veggies and play in the fountain. We used to only go the the farmer's market in Tacoma Park but this season the SS market seems to have caught up a bit. It was a good outing; we got to talk to and buy some goods from Charlie Koiner, who was recently the subject of a Silver Doc Short entitled "Corner Plot". Just one of many photo opps that I missed.

The bikes having a shnug while we play in the fountain and I test the waterproof properties of my GoPro Hero HD. Video to Come.

Click the image. It's bad ass.

This fully loaded Surly Big Dummy  was set up to carry two little girls and all the groceries home, making this father drool... some day It will be mine. I mean I'll buy one, I'm not going to find this guy's and take his. 

Lastly, I want to give a shout to Ari Natter who recognized me and the LHT (yeah you know...   me). He and his girl (who's name I forget) were off to bike to a party down the CCT. Good for you two, and thanks again.

Since I missed yet another photo opp I will represent Ari and his better half with the following image.

This is pretty much exactly what they looked like. I know right?


Unknown said...

Ha. Thanks for the shout out. Mandy and I will be more than happy to pose for a model shoot next time! Hope we see you around again some time!

Jeff said...

Let me know when you want to take the Dummy out for a test ride, seriously. I've been here before, and had some idea you might be the jerk, but weighed the social implications of getting it wrong... "Say, aren't you the jerk blogger..." I try to limit verbally assaulting strangers in front of their children while also limiting my opportunities to get punched in front of my children.