Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Much To See: World Cup / Tour Divide

There is a lot going on right now. The World Cup is right around the corner with plenty of decisions to be made about which games to come in late to work for, take a long lunch for, or just play hooky for. Then you've got to decide where to watch the games you played hooky for. There are tons of options all over town.

There's also another ginormous sporting event that also starts June 11th. The Tour Divide, a 2,745 mile solo mountain bike race that runs the from Banff, Alberta (that's in Canada...) to Antelope Wells, New Mexico (that's in America) along the continental divide. Yeah you're a big wuss bag... and so am I, and most likely so is everyone we've ever met unless they've tackled this monster.

The cool thing about this race it's amazingly spectator friendly as you can watch the race progress via the official leader board Google mash-up. Odds are the racer you are watching has a blog too. This year I'm following Kent Peterson, mainly because he has a decent blog and Jill Homer isn't competing.

Please let me know if I am forgetting any major sporting events.

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Anonymous said...

Remi Lafrenière, young guy from Québec is actually biking the 4 cardinal points of america (real america, North and south, not only USA).
That is 65 000km in a year. Because he is taking a break every 30days, this is 178 km a day in total autonomy. He's wearing a GPS chip so you can follow him: