Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seersucker Socialized

The Dandies & Quaintrelles answer to their ever popular DC Tweed Ride was this weekend's Seersucker Social at the Hillwood Estate and Gardens.  As expected it was a smashingly good time in an ideal setting.  There was something surreal about watching DC socialites in their finest seersucker, sipping gin drinks and playing badminton or croquet on the lawn of the Hillwood Estate. I would move that all future D& Q socials be held there. The only thing lacking was the ability to shut down Dupont Circle during the ride.

I was sporting my $11.45 Brook Brothers Seersucker suit which I had converted into shorts to combat the DC humidity. I would like to note that the Clark Gable mustache was not an easy feat and hurt like hell to achieve... but hey, I'm an achiever.

The Sweat Pea was sporting a cute little seersucker dress which was a crowd favorite.

I was delighted that my pants had a watch pocket which allowed me to rock my 95 year old pocket watch thanks to my great uncle Herschel.

Hendrick's Gin was the perfect match as a sponsor as they have a very unique marketing flavor that suits both seersucker and tweed. I was very happy because Hendrick's happens to be my gin of choice.
The Hendrick's custom Pashley was making most onlookers drool.

The Hendrick's custom cucumber something-or-other was making most onlookers drunk.

And then of course were the people:

Keith, (on the left) was responsible for the ample bike parking seen above.

Sadly I didn't have time to take many bike photos but I did snap a shot of a nicely de-decaled LHT. Does anyone know what kind of rack that is? 

A job well done to the folks at Dandies and Quaintrelles for hosting another outstanding event.


Here is a nice little video from mdmerino95:


Fat Lad said...

That looks simply awesome.

Jolly good show old chap!

Fat Lad

jolie said...

Ommgosh this bike ride is SO cute! Everyone is SO well dressed- we love it!
We're in New Orleans and do lots of seersucker dresses-