Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16th and U's Induction Into The Cycling World

It was years ago I was reading a blog about Portland that I first learned about the bike box. A very cool concept that I thought would never show up in DC. if you read this blog with any regularity you'll agree, I'm wrong quite often. Last month DC got it's first bike box on Pennsylvania Ave and now there are plans to add bike boxes to the intersection of 16th and U street NW. This is surreal, I always here about new plans for more bike lanes and cycling infrastructure but this one seems to drive it home for me. I used to live in The Envoy, one block up the hill from this intersection and have fond memories of my morning blast down 16th street, and bobbing and weaving my way onto New Hampshire. Now the intersections is going to have bike lanes and boxes painted green with dedicated  induction coils to trigger lights for cyclists.  

I could make a prediction about the effectiveness of this plan once implemented but I'd probably get it wrong. 

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Evie said...

Very cool...but pricey! The first bike box in my hometown set the city back $16,000 dollars, and it didn't even have all the extra bells and whistles that this one does. I wonder how many more of these the city will be able to fund...