Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Order, LHT! You Want Disc With That?

Back in 2009 I bought an LHT (yeah you know me) and at the time I thought that that LHT would be in my stable for several decades. Little did I know that Surly was gonna go and upgrade the thing. 

Having commuted for two winters on the LHT I can say that the only thing lacking for me is breaking power. The nastier the weather conditions the worse the breaks would perform. It was after these "OH SHIT!" moments of panic when icy mud rendered my breaks useless the same thought crept up, "I wish I could put some disc breaks on this fucker"...   

I digress, I thought I would have my trucker for ever and now all I can think about is how much I can sell it for so I can get a new Disc Trucker.

That is some pimp ass drop out action.

I love the british racing green. The copper rivets on my honey brooks saddle would look baaaad ass on that.

I'm also stoked on how they moved the spare spokes to the seat stay. Very Clean.

I wonder how much I could get for a 2009 LHT with a small dent in the top tube? Or maybe It would be enough just to get the disc fork?  I must go to my mountain top and meditate on this.


Alex Smith said...

Surly is bad ass! This bike says it well.

Hans said...

So, I am not sure what kind of breaks you have on your bike currently -- cantilever? I had some cantis on my 'cross commuter which did a very poor job at stopping. I put some kool stop salmon pads on and that helped, but ultimately I replaced them with mini v-brakes (with good pads) which really fixed the problem. The pads definitely are a big part of the equation.

I have wondered about disk breaks on the road, certainly they stop well in the wet, but on ice I think I would rather modulating to the locking stop that discs give. I certainly love them on my mountain bikes, though, so I can't say I wouldn't put them n my commuter if I had the frame mounts.

Brian @ City Bikes said...

Our distributor is saying that this bike won't be available until the ides of March, 2012. I'll be sure let you know when we get one in stock. What are you riding, 56 or 58?

Jonathan said...

I'd go for an Aurora Elite, for just a couple hundred bucks more. Better tubing, better components. The only major thing that changes is your gearing in that you've got more of a road triple (but also a 10 speed system! holy gears), but that sort of stuff can be swapped out as time allows. Plus you get a rack and fenders thrown into the whole deal already (I have yet to see 2012 fenders, they make them sound better than 11's).

Plus it could be available earlier than the infamous LHT. Jamis did a good job this year of learning from Surly.

Anyway...just a thought :)


Cycle Jerk said...

Jonathan, Some good points but you lost me at a couple hundred bucks more.