Thursday, October 20, 2011

Signs Of Progress

Isn't it nice when someone puts a bike lane on the street you've been commuting on for 4 years? I was pleasantly surprised to find a bike lane on Forest Glen Rd. as I climbed the hill in front of Holy Cross. There is only room for a lane on the east side of the street but I'll take it as a sign of progress.

In other news there was a trucker sighting at the Whole Foods last week. That is a crazy set up with a monstrous front rack.

In other other news this graphic from Lunchbreath found it's way across my desk.
Bike Commuting Cycle Of Pathos


Steve Mohr said...

i like my setup.

Cycle Jerk said...

I love your set up. (that sounds weird...) Props on the trucker.

Steve Mohr said...

the front rack is a porteur by cetma from oregon. i've carried about 35 lbs of groceries on the rack. the nice thing is i can put any bag i'm carrying on the front - it doesn't have to be bike specific. i can also carry a case of something. i just built a dynamo wheel and added a dynamo light for get up and go capability.

Steve Mohr said...

a friend of mine said someone had a picture of my bike on their blog. i was amazed.

kaszi said...

Forest Glen Rd : signs must be ambigous, yesterday I saw a motorcyle ride in the bike lane...?! :)