Friday, March 19, 2010

Wanker Of The Week: Tony Kornheiser

This has been bouncing around the interwebs today. Tony Kornheiser has put a hit out on me, you, and every other cyclist in DC.

Bike commuting is interesting enough without media d-bags calling on everyone to run me over. How about this, if you ride a bike on a regular basis and happen to see Tony Kornheiser, you should punch him as hard as you can in the kidneys.

It's really futile trying to argue with someone who's main goal in life is to hear themselves talk, but hopefully Lance will get the job done.

F*ck You Tony Kornheiser.

UPDATE: Lance was on Tony's show today. Check it out. Some good open dialog here.


shryke said...

there should be a law requireing bikes to ride single file, there should be a dedicated lane,

Anonymous said...

If there is a law requiring bikes to ride single file and I need to pass you that would make it illegal to do so because it would not be single file in that instant.

shryke said...

thats easy, just make passing and no passing zones , just like cars.

Jen said...

Very good points by Lance, and well said. I know I would get nervous riding Li'l Blue on DC streets (before she got stolen). Tony seems to become more of a thoughtless blowhard in the last year or two, but it seems clearn that he's pretty chastened here.

Anonymous said...

I just can't help but think it's the hippie thing come back in the 21st century. I was riding to the grocery store today on an uncrowded neighborhood street. When I got to the store a woman that was bucking 90 told me she almost hit me. I rode with a mirror today and there was one car that approached me and it wasn't delayed nor did it have any trouble getting past me. It was just her way of saying get off my rode hippie. I've seen it in the 60's and I'm seeing it now. I guess all bike riders that save a little money and save a little gas are the new hippies. I would have started a little tiff but I was afraid if I got her riled she would drop dead. I just told her thanks for not hitting me and went on.

Anonymous said...

Question for Shrek?
Why is it important to get bikes in a single file line?
Why not a dedicated bike lane that accommodates two abreast?
You lost me Shrek.