Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Bouillabaisse

I had a great rain commute this morning. It was a quiet, peaceful, chilly, and wet.

A feel good bike movie.

via jerome

A feel really really good bike movie.

I saw this chop top low rider at the Silver Spring Whole Foods the other day. Notice the large SUV next to it cowering in fear of its superior fuel wasting potential. I would throw a roof rack on thing in a second, although I could probably just lay a few bikes down in the trunk.
Accurately described as a "Panty Peeler" by Murr

I also saw this equally drooltastic custom Vanilla in Bethesda outside the Apple store. No doubt the owner of this ride stopped by to purchase a handlebar mounted iPad.

Lastly, you may have notice this little trendy hipster butthole on the right column. Well that THB is me. I caved in and joined all the other twats out there. There was lots of peer pressure involved and if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that if you jumped off a bridge, I would make fun of you for being a trendy dipshit for a few years before deciding to jump off too. I would totally give you credit for doing it first though.  I have to admit following my favorite breweries is pretty cool.

Have a splendiferous Friday everybody.

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