Friday, March 12, 2010

Springy Dingy: Am I On Drugs?

This seems a little backward to me.

I am stoked. I am feeling really good most of the time. I haven't felt this positive in a long time. I feel a warm energy radiating from my chest. I am alone in this feeling? Are there other (sober) people out there who are just as pumped as me? 

I can find several reasons for this feeling. The Snowmacrapolypse has thawed for one. As much fun as it was I'm glad to see the ground again. Another reason is that the crocus have started to bloom in my yard. They are always the first messengers of spring. Morel season is almost upon us. Soon I will start foraging through the ground cover like a pig rooting for truffles.

These are all legit reasons to feel good, but not this good.

The reason is because I'm biking again. Over this winter I was sick for two months straight. A combination of ill-timed colds and flu knocked me off the bike for the better part of the winter. People close to me have said that it's ok because I missed out on all the shitty weather. Although a nice attempt to cheer me up, it was bullshit. I love biking on the crappiest days of the year. I'm proud to be that idiot in the freezing slush rain.

I digress. The reason I feel so good is because I'm a cyclist and I'm back to cycling everyday. This break form the bike has reaffirmed my passion and given me perspective.  

So it's going to rain all weekend. So what. Just go for a ride and you'll feel better about it.


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