Thursday, May 14, 2009

If They Were Easily Broken We Wouldn't Call Them Curses

Ok ok, so maybe it's going to rain, who cares! Wouldn't you rather be a little wet and kicking ass than dry and lame?
Think about it.

In honor of tomorrow being Bike to Work Day I made a time lapse video of my commute to Bethesda this morning. It's a little shaky but it's my first attempt.

Silver Spring to Bethesda
25 min boiled down to 1:55

On that subject, this morning Golden Triangle is giving away a bike and announcing the announcing the winner of their artistic bike rack design contest in honor of National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day. At the south entrance to the Dupont Circle metro Golden Triangle will unveil the winning artistic bike rack, designed by local architect Olivier Delacour at 10:30 which is right about now. Here is a photo of the winning design which seems to be leaning towards the flagrantly literal. Kudos to you Oliver Delacour.


Rachel said...

that was a neat video! quite a commute. and I like how you bike through the Bethesda Pit Stop for Bike to Work day in the last 2 seconds. :)

Cycle Jerk said...

Yes, the jons look ready for anything ;) and tonight should be quite a test for the tent. It may be on the roof of the books store in the morning.

Josh said...

What time do you normally ride to and from work? I'm on the CCT from Jones Mill Road to Bethesda every day on my Long Haul Trucker. I'll give a tip of the helmet if I see you on your CrossCheck.

Cycle Jerk said...

You wouldn't happen to have a front light on every time would you? Maybe hooked up to a dynamo?

Also, how do you like the LHT? I am just about the sell my cross check because it's too small and am wrestling with the idea of getting an LHT instead of another Cross Check.

Josh said...

No light. Are you thinking of the older guy on the Big Dummy with an orangish light on all the time?

I love the LHT (though I just put some Orign8 Gary bars on that leave something to be desired). The LHT is comfy, tracks like it's on rails, and stable with a load. I'm really happy with my purchase, it makes a fantastic commuter.

Cycle Jerk said...

Ah yes the Big Dummy :) What color is your Trucker? I'll look out for you.

Josh said...

It's Dark Blue. I usually have a beat-up gray pannier on the left side of the rack.

My co-worker just bought your Cross-check (at least i'm 99% sure it was from you). Small world.

Cycle Jerk said...

Ha! Indeed. See you on the trail.