Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bike Swap This Weekend

There is something about the DC area that repels good bike swaps. A while back there was a big one at the DC armory and it was decent but it only happened once. The bike swap in Silver Spring behind The Bicycle Place has had some decent years like the one where I got a unused uncut Surly Cross Check fork for $10! (BOING!) but you never know. It's a mixed bag where sometimes you score and some times it just plain sucks. 

The thing that makes a bike swap great is the turnout both of buyers and sellers. So we have to participate! We don't have many outlets for the exchange of bike junk so we need to nurture the ones we do. The good thing about small local bike swaps like this is that they are low maintenance. You can just show up and spread your junk out on a blanket unlike bigger events where there is registration and fees to deal with. I brought some stuff to sell a few years back and although the turnout was small I made some cash and spread some bike junk love around. So if you don't have anything to do this Saturday morning take that egg crate full of STX derailleurs over to the Bicycle Place and participate in the local cycling community. You might make some cash, you might score something that kicks ass.

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