Monday, May 18, 2009

Bike To Work Day: Blowing My Cover

Not only was the Curse of BTWD broken (technically), but it went off swimmingly as usual. The turn out seemed to be only slightly better than last year's, possibly because the forecasters were calling for a week of non-stop hurricanes. 

I have to give a shout out to Brian from Craigslist for his generosity. After putting out a plea to borrow a child trailer (in the non-erotic bike section), he replied and offered his with no strings, not ID request, and no collateral required. He even dropped the trailer off at my house! So hat's off to you sir, karma has a piece of cake with your name on it.

With trailer and sweet little girl in tow, I went about my usual route to Bethesda. It was my daughter's first bike ride and she loved it. When arriving at the Bethesda pit stop I stowed the bike and grabbed the girl and headed for the registration tent to see if there was still time to win some shwag. I had another reason to check in. Earlier in the week I got an e-mail from Rachel from Bethesda Transportation Solutions who told me I had been chosen for the 2009 Bike Spirit Award. WOOT!

Luckily, my daughter and I always carry
our black rectangles with us...

And now I would like to give props in the form of the Annual BTWD CJ Awards. It was tough this year but I do believe the cream has risen to the top. 

Most Peugeotiest Bicycle

Comfiest Accessory

Coolest Throwback Bike
Makes me want to get all tweeded out.

Coolest Bell

Best Hair to Bike Color Coordination
as well as
Bike with the Most Tourqe Couplings
Congrats Tamzin!

Building That Looks Most Like Miami
Threw Up In Downtown Bethesda

Best Actually Old Bike

Furriest Accessory

And finally the Best My Bike Award
Thanks again for the trailer Brian!

So there you have it, no rain and an award enabling me to be even more obnoxious towards my friends and coworkers. I would say that qualifies as another good BTWD.

Monday Out!


Freewheel said...

It's nice to see cyclists helping each other out, especially on BTWD.

Congrats on the award!

x-neighbor said...

Wow, you can really tell that your daughter got your eyes!

Shryke said...

there is an erotic bike section?