Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up! Oh Wait, No They're Not...

The commute in this morning was rough for several reasons; the first of witch is that it finally rained last night after a week of daily threats making Sligo Creek Parkway a tangle of road closures and downed trees. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, only because the rain is now warm enough that shorts and a jersey are all the outer protection I need. Also because I wasn't in a car! (tee hee)

The second reason is that over the three day weekend my friends and I emptied these growlers (lovingly filled by the good folks at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda) twice. 

Onto other oddities of the long weekend. While out for a ride at Rosaryville I came across this scene.  A toaster and percolator from the 50's left trailside for anyone with a long enough extension cord.

This oddity truly took me (and my wallet) by surprise. The CycleLife Cafe under the bridge in GTown is something to behold. I have heard of high end bike boutiques popping up in NYC but had never experienced one for myself. Equipped with a coffee bar, an Apple Store like environment, ultra high end product line, and a ridiculous mark-up, the CycleLife Cafe will surely get the Georgetown polo circuit in a tizzy.  Not being their target demographic, I will merely windowshop as I can't even afford a Clif Bar there. ($2.63 WTF!)

Next up is the building that won the Cycle Jerk award last week for being the building that most looked like Miami threw up in downtown Bethesda, has received yet another badge of honor, this time from the city itself. Keep up the good work assholes!

And finally, it looks like the purple line project has been scrapped for the ever popular Runoff Line or the "Brown Line". This will make it possible for runoff to easily flow between Bethesda and Silver Spring eliminating back ups and log jams in local creeks and waterways, at the same time giving the area youth something to spray paint on.

May 26th, the Tuesday that's pulling double duty as a Monday as well.

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