Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Morning's Commute And My Dinner With The Mushroom People

It was so damn nice out this morning I had to get some photos to prove it. I didn't see a lot of wildlife but then again I didn't really have the time to look. 
Sligo Creek
Along the Capital Crescent Trail

Here is a shot of the beginning of the end. Workers have been drilling holes up and down the trail for about a month now; preliminary work for the Purple Nurple.

Black Locust flowers blanket several sections of the trail, and after attending last night's annual MAW tasting I've learned that these flowers are edible and quite tasty! So I gathered some to eat with my lunch. The flowers are sweet and have a nice texture. Caution: Only eat the flowers, NOT THE LEAVES.

Speaking of the MAW Spring Wild Food Tasting Event, it was a blast! So much so that I hardly had time to take photos. It was my first time but it seemed like a pretty good showing.

A crowd favorite was Mitch's rather large morels of which I sadly missed out on.

I made a Chicken of the Woods Curry with a large pile of chicken of the woods I found earlier in the week.

I was so busy cooking and serving that this was the only shot I got of my curry, of which I only got one bite of. 

The other big plus for the evening was meeting lot's of cool like minded folks like Matt and Elizabeth, check them out at The Natural Capital.


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Elizabeth said...

Are you kidding? The chicken of the woods curry was the crowd favorite! Good to meet you too. :)