Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Bling For Silver Spring

For those of use who've lived in the area a long time it's well known that progress hasn't come easy to Silver Spring. Most of this struggle I blame on wretched architecture and the failed attempts at restoration and mimicry of said wretchedness.

The old Hecht Company building which was reborn into the Shitty Place (city place). A glowing beacon of wretchedness.

Happily that's all behind us. In the past decade Silver Spring has successfully been reborn into a very, very cool place to live, even more so now with an influx of new hip dining options.

Last night I tested the waters at Pacci's, an upscale Italian pizzeria and bar.

It was a very good evening, especially given that they just opened on Friday. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out but the pizzas were delicious. They were on par with Two Amys and slightly better than Mia's in Bethesda (which I love).  The crust is very good, the ingredients are fresh, and the Montepulciano goes perfectly.

Another recent opening is 8407 Kitchen Bar, opened by the owner of Mrs. K's and headed by Chef Pedro Matamoros (from Nicaro).

I freakin' love this place. Pedro has a great imagination and the menu reflects it. Lot's of exposed beams and brick make the interior very comfortable. I wouldn't have thought overlooking the metro construction would be a plus but I kind of like it.

Lastly, the Hook & Ladder Brewing Company  Fire Station 1 is turning the old fire station into a micro brewery cliché from the looks of the menu and poor website design... said to open in early 2010 and it looks like their well under way. We'll see.

Bling Blingy Silver Springy...

Thursday, you're just not Friday (unless I take tomorrow off).


Chez House said...

But doesn't Silver Spring need more wig shops?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Silver Spring can get more like Bethesda but with better parking.

Anonymous said...

Fire Station 1 is no longer a Hook & Ladder Brewing Company project.

Cycle Jerk said...

Well look at that. Silver Spring needs to update their website. Thanks for the correction.

shea said...

My girlfriend and I just went to both the pizza place and the caramel place. Both were great, and bravo for justifying my reading of local cycling blogs!