Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Product Review: The Incredibell

This has been sitting on my blog post back burner for a while now. Thanks to Fergie on the LHTCC owners group for bringing up the topic.

I was originally in the market for a big brass headset spacer bell from Velo Orange; however the placement of a bell on the headset would mean I couldn't use my IBert child seat which attaches around the headset spacers. This left the Incredibell. I got it a few months ago from my LBS mainly because it was so much cheaper than the other bells. Also, for such a little bell it was pretty loud.

I was happy to learn that because of it's size I had more placement options I hadn't considered in the past. After some experimentation I found the perfect place for the bell. Right above my hand position when in the drops. This way the bell was out of the way while easily accessible from most hand positions. Also, if I just used my index finger to break I could ring the bell with my middle finger at the same time. It took a little practice but is now second nature.

The only con I have is that I didn't know there was a brass version when I bought it.

Bottom line: Highly Recommended.
Buy it if you want a relatively loud bell without compromising space.
Don't buy it if you want the big brass retro look.


Anonymous said...

That's a hell of a bell. I need to look into getting one like that. Mine is not very loud, sort of hard to ring and I feel like it's not ideally located either. I currently have mine on my stem and have to take my hand off the handlebar grip to ring it. When I put my hand back on the grip sometimes I accidentally bump the twist shifter. I'm going to look into a new set-up.

Aushiker said...


Thanks for posting this. Must check out this bell. I currently have my bell mounted directly under the brake lever but like the look of your placement on the bend. Will have to give this a go.