Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Timey Friday

Presenting the Haverford Cycle circa 1919.

Yes it's always happy hour over at the Haverford Cycle Shop... You'll be greeted with a smile and... well maybe not. Come to think of it, this does remind me of the welcome some of the more douchie local bike stores offer. I wonder if these are turn of the century hipster douche bags? Nah, they were probably pretty cool, for some reason everyone looked like they had a stick up their asses back then.

This shop was located at 522 10th St. N.W. Washington, DC. The building is gone and is a now defunct Waffle Shop which looks to be considerably shorter and much more art deco. It was a few doors up from Fords Theater (where Lincoln was shot), which makes me think, could John Wilkes Booth have ridden a bike with a broken ankle?

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Jon said...

Long exposure times required a "neutral" expression for photographs, and that you remain absolutley still. Hence, everyone looks a bit uptight.

BTW, if you look at the large version, you can see that the lamps are made of bike wheels!