Friday, July 31, 2009

Ibert, YouBert... WeallBert

My latest addition to the LHT (yeah you know me) is the Ibert front mounting child seat. I grabbed it off a dude on Craigslist last night and took it for a test ride this morning. Installation took 3 minutes and it fits very well. I had to move some steerer tube spacers around to make room for the bracket but it seems to work out. I don't have a helmet yet for the girl so I just took a spin sans child this morning before riding to work. There is plenty of arm and handle bar clearance however being 6 ft my knees to rub slightly against the seat. Not enough to make it uncomfortable to open my legs a little more. We'll have to see if it gets annoying on longer rides.

The other benefit to the Ibert is something they must not have realized when designing it. When the seat is removed, the bracket becomes something wonderful I dubbed "The CharlieHorser".

It's great, every time you want to make a tight turn or get out of the saddle or just space out for a bit, you get a wicked painful charlie horse from the bracket. At first this made me angry, then humbled, as I realized the what was happening. I knew I liked biking, I just never knew how much. Whenever my mind would wander to something non bike related like work, or family, or beer, The CharlieHorser would snap me right back to reality saying "Malarkey! Forget all that garbage, you're on a bike, isn't it great!" So here's a Chuck Norris sized thumbs up to you, the folks over at Ibert for forcing me to "Be Here Now" this morning. Drop me a line about marketing "The CharlieHorser".

Finally, a little something for all you douche bags out there who forgot your name...

Now get out there and give this weekend a wicked painful charlie horse...


Anonymous said...

omg, biking Chewbacca just made my day! Thanks for that.

Todd said...


I'm thinking about setting up an Ibert on a 56cm LHT. How is yours working out?