Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2nd Place Prize From BSNYC

Last month I submitted a peice in the BSNYC/RTMS Fat Cyclist Knuckle Tattoo Tribute Contest. Thanks to you and 324 like minded individuals who voted for my Larry King submission putting me squarely in 2nd place (actually 3rd).

Second place is a set of knog Beetle lights which BSNYC describes a cousin to the "hipster cyst". So for my efforts I received a possibly carcinogenic product which I gladly put on the LHT (yeah you know me).

They are a step up from the knog frogs with 2 LEDs and multiple light settings which just make it more annoying to turn them off. Besides being free, they require no tools or adapters to attach to the bike which is a plus.

Thanks be to Snob for the lights and the blog. Fortunately, I am not a hipster so these cysts will remain benign.

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