Friday, April 3, 2009

Product Review: New Bike Utility Cargo Basket

I have been wrestling with the problem of how to carry more cargo on my bike enabling me to do more errands that otherwise would be done with a car. Yesterday I found a product that will lessen my motor vehicle dependency even more. It's the New Bike Utility Cargo Basket.

It installed easily to the Ultimate Cross Check using zip ties. It has already solved several of my cargo quandaries such as where do I put my sandwich? In a backpack or pannier the bread and turkey separate causing a hellacious mess.

And if I'm still hungry I can double back and pick up some fruit.

Now I always know where my wallet and keys are. After I lock up my bike I don't have to wonder where they are. They're back on my bike... in my New Bike Utility Cargo Basket where I left them!

Take a look at the New Bike Utility Cargo Basket in action!

Finished my sandwich, now it's time to bike home and get some fruit!

Soon to be available in anodized purple.

Now go out there and give this weekend the business.


MELI. said...

so petite! awesome

RussRoca said...

Ha...that is the cutest bike basket ever!

Kate said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Michael Sicurello said...

My rack is bigger than your rack.

TPMS Sensor said...

Cargo baskets do a wonderful job when it comes to transporting oversized products from land to sea.