Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wildlife Tuesday

I saw this pair of Wood Ducks this morning in Sligo Creek just across from the golf course. There is a little bridge I cross every morning where Malards congregate in the winter time. In the early spring a pair of Wood Ducks shows up at the bridge from god knows where. They are much more cautious then the Malards and usually will not let you get close enough for a good photo but I lucked out.

Here is a shot of the morels I found on Sunday doing what they do best. 

Lean in close...  closer...  you can smell them can't you?
I dare you to click the photo.


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Shrooms look tasty.

You know, that's exactly how Albert Hoffman started...

Gunnar Berg said...

Holy buckets, C.Jerk! They're beautiful. The fungi and the birds. We have two pair nesting in the back yard. I've put up boxes, but they seem to prefer open cavities in the crotches of the old oaks.