Monday, April 6, 2009

Shroom Hunting And Custom Headwear

Yesterday I took my daughter mushroom hunting. We stumbled around the woods for two hours with nothing to show for it so we cut our losses and went home. Later in the day when out walking with my wife we lucked upon these fresh morels! I sauteed these lovelies in butter, garlic, and parsley they tasted amazing. Even better when dried morels are $149.99 a pound and Whole Paycheck(Foods).

Morel Hunting Tips: 
  -  They are only around for a few weeks in April
  -  If you are in central eastern USA as I am look around under Tulip Poplars the morning after a rain
  -  Keep the mushrooms you find in a mesh bag with lots of air flow. NOT in a plastic bag as they will turn to mush pretty quickly.
  -  Know your false morels.
  -  For more info go here

On a less scrumptiously delicious note, my custom Walz cycling cap came in last week. "Large Marge Sent Me..." embroidered on the side as a nod to my faux bike shop design.

Monday Out...

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