Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Catch Up: Irony, Sexy Safety, and A Little Jerk

I have been absent the last week or 3 as my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

This past week I have been exploring the bounds of reality facilitated by an impressive lack of sleep and an abundance of poo. While staring into her eyes I ask the questions all fathers ask when confronted by a new offspring: Is she going to be happy? What forms of greatness will she achieve? Will she ride Campy or Shimano? What flavors of cycling culture will she embrace? Fixter? Free Rider? Roadie? Touring Junkie? All of the above I hope. Either way I am very proud and already planning my baby carrying SUB.

That out of the way I pose a question to you.
Yesterday while walking on the Georgetown Branch Trail I found this book forsaken by it's reader. Is this irony or a coincidence? Maybe a visual metaphor? Possibly a very subtle found art installation? I leave it to you.

Later I stumbled upon an old Dahon with a very interesting message and I couldn't agree more. This sticker comes from Safety Is Sexy and indeed it is!
you totally would...

Lastly, the latest retort in a philosophical battle that wages forth in plain view for all to consider.
A heavy concept that deserves to be pondered. After doing so I come away with a simple conclusion that in hindsight seems rather obvious. A really big fish could probably out swim a T-Rex so this particular argument seems flawed.

Stay tuned for the Bacon Vodka tasting as it should be ready this Friday.


Unknown said...

another point re: evolution v. jesus - the t-rex has the weakest tiniest arms of any species so there's no plausible way that it would even be able to pick up that jesus fish if it were fortunate enough to catch up to it down stream.


Cycle Jerk said...

Good Point. Another problem with this argument is that a Jesus fish probably has freakin' lasers attached to it's head which would pose a serious problem to most dinosaurs.

SiouxGeonz said...

Snork... considering the topic of the book it's none of the above... nothing subtle about it ;)
Happy SUBing!

Anonymous said...