Monday, July 28, 2008

The Bacon Challenge Accepted!

A few months back I bounced a post from McAuliflower detailing her venture into meat flavored alcohol. In a comment she dared me to make a batch myself and I admit for a few months there I was scared. Then a few months after that I was merely cautious, and for these last few months I have been pensive. Now, I am happy to say that I accept this dare and after 6 months and five days I have sprung into action like a hungry badger!

Per McAuliflower's directions:
1. Cut a hole in a box Cook some bacon.

2. Eat some of the bacon. (tee hee)
3. Put the rest of the bacon in a clean mason jar.
4. Fill jar with vodka.
5. Put the jar in a dark cabinet for 3 weeks.I also took her advice of throwing in a pinch of ground black pepper.

So now we wait... and daydream about the many possibilities of bacon flavored vodka. I think the first thing I will try is a mixed drink where I salt the rim of a highball glass with smoked salt. Maybe heating up some maple syrup to mix in as well.... yeesssssssssss.

Post your bacon vodka ideas and I will try out the best one.

Stay tuned and thanks again to
McAuliflower for the inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, if you do not put this in a bloody mary, I will never speak to you again.

Anonymous said...

I may even be able to drink some by then!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you follow the freeze and filter instructions. I've had people tell me that theirs tasted greasy or like snausages, or both. Good Luck! I welcome the the first taste of the Bacontini!