Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Ride... Take It Easy

This was the view on my way home today on the Capital Crescent Trail. I took the liberty of leaving work when all the car commuters did. Although I didn't need to brave the hours of traffic I figured a nice ride in the snow would do me good. And it did... for a while...

I was feeling so good about my slow drift home I broke one of my cardinal rules. I took my ipod along. I know I know, I was "that dick" on the trail cranking "Off the Wall" who can't hear your audibles when you are trying to pass... but hey, you weren't there, nobody was. What started out so nice quickly turned into a big steaming pile of slush. The temperature climbed into the mid 30s and it soon got very very wet. On the bright side I did get to test out some new gear but I was hoping for a deep freeze to keep things dry. I can't complain though while everyone I know was either trapped a car or a cage I was on my bike.

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