Friday, January 18, 2008

Craigslist, You Evil Temptress

Last week I thought I had everything I needed in life, wife, house, 3 bikes... and then I was struck by something that happens all too often for cyclists; I fell in gear love. It's that covetous desire that overcomes you when you come across that special piece of bike gear. It almost seems like this thing you have stumbled upon is a piece of yourself you didn't even know was missing until the moment you saw it. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition either. A few dents and scratches that say "flawed" to anyone else are the badges of honor and character that match this object to your personality on a deep and profound level.

After seeing this little honey on craigslist last week I was done. I instantly knew I had to have it. A Salsa Las Cruces scandium cyclocross frame. I had always planned to get into cyclocross but the opportunity hadn't presented itself. Over the winter and spring I plan to build it up into a single speed by scavenging for the perfect parts at events like this. As you can see on the table, I already have the bitchen winged bull bars.


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Freewheel said...

Nice. And there's nothing more satisfying than a winter bike project.