Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Cycling Heros - Installment One

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Have you ever wish you could just bike full time? To live on your bike and tour the world? Tim and Cindy Travis did, and have been on an around the world bike trip since 2002. They saved up a bunch of money, sold all of their possessions, quit their jobs and rode out of their driveway in Arizona. They have bike through central and South America, China, and Southern Asia, Australia, and are currently in New Zealand. They plan to tour from Alaska down the west coast of North America and cut across to the east side and then off to Eastern Europe down into Africa.

What they have done is truly remarkable. On their travels Tim and Cindy have maintained a detailed blog and written 2 books based on their adventures. So by selling the book and generating ad revenue through their site they fund their epic trip. As long as they keep biking they keep blogging and a
s long as they keep blogging, they keep biking. A self sustaining process that allows them to bike indefinitely. It's freakin GENIUS!

Aside from the circa 2002 website layout, is full of inspirational tales, interviews and video, photos, and most important of all, advice about touring and honest gear reviews you can't get anywhere else.

Thanks Tim and Cindy.

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