Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kidical Thinking

This past Saturday I took the family down to the ABC's of Family Biking at the Capital Hill Montessori School. With my oldest daughter on the LHT, we meandered through Silver Spring and Takoma Park eventually connecting to the 14 St. bike lane. I hadn't taken this route into the city before and was pleasantly surprised. It's a great hilly ride through beautiful mostly tree-lined neighborhoods. We took a detour past Obama's house on my daughters advice but upon arrival she was less than enthusiastic.

The event had a good turnout with lots of cargo and family bikes accompanied by cargo and family people. It's always cool to swap ideas and share tips with like minded bikenerds. 
I was able to test ride a Christiana with a full payload which was fun. 
My daughter was partial to the Bullitt.
...and of course there were Xctracycles everywhere.
By far the biggest plus of the day was learning that after 20 miles my DIY child seat was fully naperational.

Kudos to Megan and the gang for throwing together a very cool event.

Video from the event.


hybrid bike reviews said...

I bet the kids had a great time. Just take maximum precautions when riding with the kids. Ain't it hard to balance with those tandem back seats?

nik said...

for sure they had great time. you can see it on their faces.