Thursday, February 16, 2012

Market Saturation: Too Many Bike Shops?

You can never have too many bike shops. As of late February, I will pass three bike shops along my commute: City Bikes, on the trail at Connecticut ave, Silver Cycles, on Georgia Ave, and now The Bicycle Place, which is moving to Brookville Road a few blocks from where the Capital Crescent Trail lets out.

Bike shops are like assholes, some times they're full of shit snowflakes, no two are alike, and passing by three shops twice a day means I should be pretty well covered. The question arises, with help so close by do I really need to pack a tube and pump?

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Will K said...

I would say yes always to the tube and pump. Like you, I pass by multiple shops on my way to/from work. But one night, I wound up staying late, heading home well after shop closing hours. And of course, it's the night I get a flat. I tried to flag down some passing cyclists, but either they didn't want to stop or didn't have a pump, or were in a rush. Stranded.
Luckily, I do ride a folding bike, so all I had to do was wait for the next bus to get home, but now I always always carry my own repair stuff.