Monday, February 20, 2012

LHT Xtracycle: I Want One

In the spring I want to start taking my daughter to school every morning before heading off to work on the LHT. I've considered getting a trailer but that's not something I want to deal with in the office. An Xtracycle seems like a good solution. It's strong and versatile enough that when my second girl is big enough, I could take them both on errands with plenty of room for whatever comes up.

There is plenty of LHT Xtracycle porn out there:
evening glamour shot
hoop on bike

As well as lot's of diy child seat possibilities.
The innovative Mr. M and his very customized 18" Surly Big Dummy
Has anyone had good/bad experiences with an LHT Xtracycle build? Please share.

More importantly, if anyone out there in the DC metro area knows of one for sale pass it along.

This is how I spend my holiday.

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Unknown said...

Owning both an LHT and an Xtracycle Free Radical, I'd have to think the pair would get along nicely. While I prefer cantis on road bikes, the new LHTs are available with disk brakes, which are actually easier to manage on the Free Radical than the cantis.

I'm planning on touring my LHT for a couple of seasons, but maybe I'll mate it to the FreeRad at some point. Good luck!