Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidaze 2010: Bike Gear Cheer DIY

Once again I have a prolonged holiday cold which has kept me off the bike (and the blog) for weeks. To combat the doldrums I've turned to the "Holiday Spirits" to pull me through. After consuming a few glasses of said spirits I made this ornament for a tree decorating party I attended this weekend. 

It's pretty straight forward. I butchered two semi-worn cassettes I had laying around and got my little girl to help me paint the bottom on to look like a wreath. Then I tied it all together with picture frame wire.

Holidayed Bitches

PS. Any home cold remedies are welcome. The wackier the better.

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Freewheel said...

Nice ornament!

Not wacky, but ... for sore throat, swallow raw garlic (you can mince it and put it on toast). Chase it with gobs of raw honey (you can put the honey in your hot tea).