Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidaze 2010: The Washington Post Cookie Massacre

Every year the Washington Post puts out the much coveted list of holiday cookies which has a wide reaching effect on the local population: baking aisles throughout the metro area are sacked, local hospitals see an increased number of ink poisoning cases as the weak minded of us attempt to eat their newspapers, and brawls break out at holiday potlucks when all the guests bring the same plate of cookies. The true victims in all of this are of course the children. 

This past weekend I decided to make the "Chocolate Chunk Cookies With Nutella".

Everything was going fine until my two year old got a hold of one of them. With that much bittersweet chocolate combined with Nutella she didn't have a chance. After the cookie took hold it was hard to even recognize her. The once sweet little angel had been transformed into a terrifyingly cute little monster driven mad with the desire to destroy all cookies in her path using only her face.

I just want my family back...  fucking Nutella...

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