Monday, August 9, 2010

Something To Avoid

Having just given my 2 year old her first bike, I've taken her on several walk/rides to get her used to riding. Over all she seems to be stoked, not nearly as stoked as her slightly older friends in the hood who take to the bike much faster than her. I guess a few months and an extra inch or two of legs makes all the difference. I'm not pushing it on her in hopes that she discovers the fun at her own pace.

I received a deftly illustrated cautionary tale via my wicked awesome friend Jen over at Nom Nom Nom.
I have read this story several times just to make sure it sinks in. I must avoid anything resembling the following scenario at all costs. 

This kind of paternal buffoonery has my name written all over it.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous. mine is only 15 months but he watches with great anticipation. i can't wait, but I won't push...too hard.