Monday, April 5, 2010

GoPro HD Bar Cam tests. I approve.

Here is the initial test run this morning with my new GoPro HD cam mounted on the bars. You might want to go to my YouTube page to see the larger version.

Here is another video with the original audio.

Larger Version.

I'm pretty impressed. I thought with a rigid steel fork the picture would be much more shaky. I'll have a more detailed product review once I take it out mountain biking.

Also, I saw a painted doe on the ride in today. I think it might have been my spirit animal. I'll have to eat some peyote for breakfast tomorrow just to make sure.

Not a bad way to start the Monday.


Unknown said...

nice. in light of your last comment, how did it go today? :)

Cycle Jerk said...

Ha. I think I may end up being the spirit animal for someone else...