Monday, January 11, 2010

The Sligo Creek Triangle

Since wrecking on the ice on Friday, I did what I should have done a few weeks ago. I got my Giant (AKA The Girvin) up and running with some grippy tires to give the LHT a rest from the ice and salt. I haven't ridden the Girvin since I wrecked it last June on a bridge not 50 yards from where I wiped out on Friday. I think I've discovered the Sligo Creek Triangle.

When I wrecked the Girvin, the drive side pedal was ripped out of the crank. I was worried that the threads would be too damaged to use again but the new pedal went on with little fuss (or so I thought). It wasn't until I rode it that I noticed that either the pedal is at an angle of the crank or bottom bracket is bent. It feels very strange on that side, maybe I'll swap out the cranks tonight.

Abused since 1995 and still kicking ass

While I was at it, I retired one of my oldest pieces of bike gear. My first year of issue XTR v-brakes. I can't remember when Shimano first released the XTR line but I lucked into a good deal for these at I'll guess 1997 maybe? Anyway, these were my first venture into v-brakes and I remember that first ride being stunned by their stopping power. They were so strong my frame would flex so I put on a brake booster (seen below), which was a 90's thing that I probably didn't need.

The cantilever I put replaced them with are completely inadequate so I think I'll look around for a rebuild kit. I would be nice to have them rocking again.

Just popped open a brand new case of the Mondays...

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dc dirtbag said...

With the Girvin it looks like you are preparing for a Mad-Max style ride to work.