Saturday, August 29, 2009

Packed And Ready

Somehow I got all this...

Onto this...

One thing I learned on a fully loaded test ride is that the LHT (yeah you know me) rides a lot smoother when fully loaded.

All ready to roll, I just need a good night sleep first.

Have a good week everybody.


Todd S. said...

Man, that's a loaded bike for sure. Do you find that it handles fine even with no weight on the front end?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your pedals

Aushiker said...


Hope the tour goes well. I am curious as to how you will find the load balance without any load on the front.

All the best with it.


reverend dick said...

I lik a balanced load as well. But, whatever gets you down the road in the end.

Have a Good Ride!

I have a riding buddy who never fails to ask "You're taking THAT?!?!" at the beginning of every long ride. Gets me every time.

dc dirtbag said...

That's quite an amazing load for sure, very colorful.

Cycle Jerk said...

Here is the follow up.