Monday, March 16, 2009

Crank Brothers Candy Rebiuld, A Rambouillet And Safetyness

I am a destroyer of bikes and bike parts. I'm the cthulhu of all things that make bikes go. That's where the irony lies, for I have a deep deep man-gear love for every little piece of my bikes. Most of the destruction comes from my belief that if you ignore the problem it will just go away. This is never the case but I continue to hold to it. I have been getting a squeak in one of my Crank Brothers Candy pedals for a few months and ignoring it was not working. So I ordered a rebuild kit from these guys and let it sit on the shelf for a few more weeks just to make sure the problem wasn't going away. Finally the squeak had reached a volume than couldn't be ignored and last night I got to work. 

Much like Chris King, Crank Brothers have very cool DIY videos on their website.

The first thing I noticed was that the sealed bearings seals had disintegrated and the bearing body had rusted to the inside of the pedal.  After some WD-40 and elbow grease the rusted bearing body gave way and the rest of the rebuild went swimmingly. 

Sealed bearings should never see the light of day, very sad.

New                              Old

The rust damage to the spindle body was pretty bad. I don't think this pedal will ever run smoothly again. It should however work slightly less than smoothly for a very long time. This is an easy fix that I recommend to anyone for do at first sign or sound of trouble.

Next up,  I saw this Rivendell Rambouillet in Silver Spring yesterday. I was noticing the Carradice saddle bag and thought it might look nice under my B-17. It may be too big though.

Finally, I got another batch of stickers from the Safety is Sexy bunch. 

Cheer up, your Monday is almost over.

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