Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Snow Day And The Great Trail Cycle

Here are a few pics of the snow on Sligo Creek Parkway. I didn't see any bikers, but I was not the first to lay tracks this morning.

Of course I had a blow out last week and had to put my slicks on just in time for the snow.

Last week I lost a tail light when I dropped off a curb crossing Connecticut Ave. This annoyed me to no end. I can't stand buying tail lights because the obvious mark up. I know most bike gear is grossly marked up nowhere is it more evident then with tail lights. Plastic and a few LEDs shouldn't cost $25 or even $10 for that matter.

So as I was getting closer to work, stewing about the prospect of buying another crappy little tail light, I came across something in the middle of the trail. You guessed it someone else's crappy little tail light. Somewhere ahead of me on the trail was somebody toiling with the same misfortune I was facing. I scooped up the light and headed on my way. I didn't see anyone ahead of me for the rest of the ride. Feeling a tinge of guilt that I may be benefiting from another cyclist's misfortune I take comfort in that this same rider could stumble across the light that I had dropped somewhere on their return trip. The trail giveth and the trail taketh away and the great trail cycle keeps rolling along. Gear lost, gear found... gear lost again. I hope that in the future, when I drop this newly found tail light, the person who finds it will see the cosmic forces that brought the two together... and not just try and sell it on Ebay.

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