Thursday, January 29, 2009

Battery Turgidity

In the fall I took a moment to mention my man/gear love affair with the Nite Rider Extreme helmet light which has lasted me over 8 years now. I haven't treated it well. It's not something I do to gear. In fact I'm not sure what defines a well treated helmet light. At some point I must have crossed a line and the battery decided it has had enough. Today while charging it for the ride home I noticed a startling change in its shape. It became rather turgid which is something I wasn't aware batteries could do.

At first I was scared it might blow up releasing toxic acid fumes into my workplace (which wouldn't be so bad). I backed away not sure of its intentions. Then made a quick call to the folks at Nite Rider, who assured me that this "off gassing" is perfectly normal for an older battery and it might be time to replace it. They went on to say that I could release the built up gas by sliding a paper clip in where the cable enters the battery housing. I think I may wait until I am outside to attempt any off gassing. Needless to say one of my oldest and sturdiest bike accessories will need replacing... you will be missed old friend... and then quickly forgotten when replaced with something even more kick ass.

Onward and Upward...

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Unknown said...

you should always, always go outside when off gassing... it's common courtesy, jim.